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We provide support to organizations faced with turbulent times by helping them mobilize forces, minimize any productivity loss arising from change, speed up their implementation and deliver sustainable solutions to help them fully realize the intended benefits.

Mobilize forces

Minimize productivity loss

Accelerated implementation

Realize benefits

Sustainable solutions

How about some facts and figures?

EDO Champions

«80 Percent of all challenges of
organizations in times of change
are related to Unconscious Bias»

– H. Ladner –


We work behind the scenes, where the head, the heart and the hands meet, in close collaboration with our clients. We take an unbiased approach to concrete problems. In a few simple steps, we will help you uncover «Unconscious Bias» that you were previously unaware of and help you generate insights that will allow you and those involved to move beyond their entrenched world views, replacing them with new perspectives. This will enable you to find solutions that you previously thought were unattainable, solutions that ensure long-lasting success. Your investment will be worth it!

Hermann Ladner
Hermann Ladner
Marcel Gamma
Marcel Gamma
Ana Paula Ladner
Ana Paula Ladner
Richard de Laat
Richard de Laat

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If you are able to understand individual viewpoints and merge them into one, and win over the heart and soul of all involved, you will make effective decisions that are quickly implemented and supported by everyone. With Life, this process is easier and happens faster than you think

What our clients say

Introducing process orientation «… EDO kindled the types of discussions that, even though we have lots of discussions, never happen at Siegfried …»
Hubert Stückler, CEO, Siegfried Ltd
Establishing a new operating model «… EDO helps you avoid measures that are distributed over the entire organization using a scattergun approach …»
Thomas Odermatt, Manager, Credit Suisse
Establishing a project management portfolio office «… In as little as three months, managers that use EDO will know which improvements can be made where and will take action accordingly …»
Marcel Zuberbühler, Head of Project Management, Raiffeisen Switzerland
Merging two hospitals «… With EDO, implementation begins early on, with the strategy development phase …»
Hans Werner Grotemeyer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, RSE AG
Operational Excellence Program (OPEX) «… EDO, Lean and Six Sigma are the three foundational pillars of our OPEX program. These methods complement each other in the best way possible …»
Michael Richter, Head of Operational Excellence, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc..
Establishing a capability development approach «… We are now in the position to implement structural, procedural and organizational change much more quickly. We have definitely become much more flexible. Our project success rate and the effectiveness of our projects clearly needed improving …»
Heinz Karrer, Marketing and Sales Division Head, Swisscom AG
Transforming an integrated group into individual independent group companies «… my executive board and I owe you our deepest gratitude. You were very successful at guiding us through turbulent times. This happened with the help of, among other things, personal coaching, constructive workshops and processes that we could apply to our situation. This improved our ability to initiate a faster and more targeted response to our customers’ requirements. And we did so more enthusiastically, and had much more fun in the process …»
Hanspeter Quadri, CEO, Enterprise Solution AG
Personal reorientation «… your personal coaching was very helpful. It gave me the impetus I needed and opened my eyes to new perspectives, that I can use both on a professional and private level …»
Celest Poltera, Manager, Generalagentur Horgen, AXA Winterthur Insurance Inc.
Personal development «… your lecture yesterday greatly contributed to the success of our training session. Here are some of the participants’ evaluations: you completely fulfilled our motto of “Gained in practice – put into practice”; very helpful and interesting. In addition, your expertise, sincerity, and authenticity left quite an impression. Or to sum it up in a few words: It was awesome! …»
Paul Horrisberg, Organizational Development, Swiss Federal Office of Personnel
Implementing the IT21 Strategy «… I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for making this collaboration profound, constructive and enjoyable. I still apply the processes I learned and they are still very valuable to me. In the group workshops I came to the realization that you observed fundamental things that I was unaware of …»
Daniel Buffet, CIO, APG Inc.
Turn-around management «… Our company was in the middle of an existential crisis. Except that we were unaware of it. During this time, you used your expertise to point out our strengths and weaknesses and devise a constructive approach to finding a solution …»
Benjamin Zemann, CEO, Belcasa GmbH
Introducing a customer loyalty program «… Despite a tight deadline with several processes running simultaneously, you were able to creatively and pragmatically lead your extensive work across all business units on time, with great expertise. It was your integrity, your understanding of not just marketing-related aspects, but also your sensitivity with respect to a most important aspect of this project, human capital, that motivated us …»
Mario Lütolf, Program Manager, Joker Swisscom AG
Establishing investment management «… Your practical input was always very good and most helpful. The underlying model and the instructions you provided can be used in practical applications and are indispensable in achieving an overall perspective …»
Marcel Müller, Director, BKW Inc.
Design and Roll-out of an Operational Excellence Program «… Within 3 months, managers that use EDO will know which improvements can be made where and will take action accordingly. …»
Jan van Koeveringe, Head of Global Manufacturing F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc..
Establishing a new IT operating model «… I am convinced that without ICE, we would have returned to our typical management perspective (an overly positive way of seeing things). I can only recommend ICE to support you on your path to transformation …»
Werner Boeing, Head of IT Diagnostics, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc..
Swisscom Excellence Transformation «… the feedback of those involved is helping us find specific and effective interventions in our transformation process …»
Martin Haueter, Transformation Consulting, Swisscom Inc.
Rollout Windows 7 «… In my view, the ICE process was a great success and far exceeded my expectations …»
Andy Lansdall, Global Program Manager W7, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc..
Globally introduce track and trace «… The support we received during the development and maintenance of a governance structure, which focused on safeguarding the integration of the various organizations involved, enabled us to efficiently serialize and aggregate our products on a global scale, in a timely manner. …»
Philipp Buser, IT Business Partner, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Inc..


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