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Improve Training effectiveness with ICE!

There is no denying that we live in turbulent times. Those truly wishing to see the impact of projects have no time to lose. When we are barraged by constant change, we have less time to effectively achieve the return on investment we are striving for as a result of change!

Those impacted have to be trained immediately and effectively. It is important that they apply their knowledge as soon as their training is complete. Simply producing satisfied participants is no longer enough.

The same applies to training evaluations. Leverage the Improve Change Engagement Process (ICE) to measure and improve the effectivity of your trainings. ICE can make a noticeable difference in just three months.


Install Benchmark: 1,500 CHF one time per organisation

Train ICE Administrator: 3’000.- CHF pro Person

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One-hour expert training effectivity coaching for the training of your choice.

Effectivity measurement of training. Identify the first steps to take to improve training effectiveness.

Two-hour executive briefing on the organization’s training effectiveness